First blog post

I am here to share wonder and mystery and joy and light and love as i have discovered them  so far……..or perhaps, as they have discovered me………and especially  The One, The Source  Who has discovered me and led me and  made me a way even in the wilderness. By that Grace I am an Episcopal Deacon and a retired teacher and social worker. I hope to share my story and my sources of inspiration  in various  ways and I hope to listen to yours.The shape of my journey is unique and the shape of your journey is unique. I respect that uniqueness.We are original creations of  the One Who gives each of us a special identity not duplicated anywhere in history, more valuable than any original art work. Yet there is a  potential for connection and understanding made possible by the mystery of Love,  A love story far greater than a series of affectionate and comfortable interactions between two persons within a small routine; a love story in which great hardship is overcome with a new kind of courage; a love story in which we bloom into  dazzling flowers brought to life and beauty by the Gardener’s Hand!

We can be agents of that Love to one another, thus making present a special kind of hope for us all. Much in life seems desperately painful, unfair, raw, overwhelming, and lonely. There are no cheap answers, but there are deep answers. My mother always said, “I know not what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.”  We can rise to new strength in this outreach!  What an adventure. We have been equipped with gifts to make us effective in this  caring work. What a Love story indeed!

Preposterous? Yes! Visionary? Yes ! But the birth of a major vision starts with the first small gesture of loving care. I identify myself as  a visionary committed to beauty in the midst of ugliness, dignity transcending prejudice, caring in the midst of loneliness, and new chances made possible by the One Who makes all thing new.  I claim this new year as a new morning of hope and I close with a poem I wrote about just how new life springs forth on such a bright morning,

I have seen the stars in silence steal away before the wonder

as the soaring streaks of dayfire separate the dark asunder;

I have seen the slender fingers of the sunlight softly pointing

to the shaded leaves and silent, with the early dew anointing;

I have seen the light in laughter all the waking wood adorning,

walking softly with the Spirit  through the silver of the morning.











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