When we see the sacredness of the immediate, and the Creator shining through, then hope and joy are possible in a whole new dimension. I wrote these poems.


I have seen the stars in silence

steal away before the wonder

as the soaring streaks of dayfire

separate the dark asunder;

I have seen the slender fingers

of the sunlight softly pointing

to the shaded leaves and silent

with the early dew anointing;

I have seen the light in laughter

all the waking woods adorning,

walking softly with the Spirit

through the silver of the morning.


Like floods of foaming water

down a rocky river bed

once dry,

O Source of wonder,

may the bright torrent

of this baptism

flow acrosss

my light and shadowed yesterdays,

immersing all

with flashing rivers

of Your Love.


Dazzle ignites the leaf bright splash

as fall explodes

and there electrifies the burning bush,

shaking with presence which

delights and overloads,

back lighted silver

in the early morning hush.

Oh, Blaze of Blazes, I

who have thrown my shoes

and caution

to the dancing winds of dawn,

I who aspire to fire

come leaping forth

to risk encounter

with the Glory shown.