The Sacred Spaces of Creativity

I have spent many years pondering the sacredness of the creative process and the ability of creativity to express the sacred. We have a glorious Creator who has shaped our lives and identities and comforts and and hopes of Life Beyond. His very nature is Love and He has shaped us and the whole of His created reality with Love. When we live out the creativity He has given us, we are moving in tune with His purposes. We rejoice at the boundless love He has given us and the love He has arranged for us to share with each other. Except in cases where the effort has been stained by the darkness, we are acting out His Love and often expressing it overtly.  Music, drama, poetry, painting, dance , sculpture and the like are not the only examples of creativity. How we delight in a person who cooks or gardens creatively, and how we take heart when we see the creativity of a wise parent or a good teacher. Boats can be built creatively and furniture designed as well. Some have said that only a few are creative, but I say to you that every personhasbeen given the potential for creativity in some way, and our challenge is to find it!

I have dealt with creativity and the sacred in a number of ways, but over the years one of my main expressions has been poetry. I have  included a few of those poems.


and other inconveniences


Frustrated and wet,

I think of how things flow

and Him in in Whom they flow,

knowing the axis is not I

or any here below.

Soaked from the sky

in torrents others share,

I extend to them my care,

taking my comfort there,

not in controlling prayer,

but  trusting palms

opened to air.            1994


Blue water is my dancing place-

a lyric, celebrative space:

an arch of arm, aa twirl of teoe,

a living archipelago.

The  water wakens and I know

we are one process and we flow,

a buoyant catalyst for dreams

and pirouettes  and shapes that seem

to bloom along that liquid grace

like flowers reaching into space

or curves of dancers wild and swift,

made weightless by the water’s lift.           (2003)


The Holy One so present is

that when I try to kneel and pray,

my heart so flooded is with joy,

I feel I’ve drunk the Milky Way;

my soul so broken is in speech,

so close has come to burst its bars,

that Light Himself me overtakes

to utter melodies of stars!





























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