A Frame of Space

Write or type a sentence. Any sentence. Do not place any space between the words. Will anyone know what you mean? maybe a few, but only with great difficulty. You can’t be sure they will get it right.

Play a series of notes without any spaces rests to divide the sound. Maybe, just maybe a few  will catch the tune, but who will be able to sing it?

Just suppose that in a noisy crowd of parade viewers a small girl says “I love you.” Will you hear her? Will anyone hear her?

A feeble woman falls on a sidewalk.  Her leg is turned the wrong way.  Blood trickles from the side of her head. Most people do not notice her. A few who do so pretend that they do not. A few even step right over her. The crowd is dense. They brush against each other. Their priorities are also crowded.  A storm of stress and anxiety rages. The rat race is in full swing.

Busy church leaders walked down the Jericho Road: Priest, a Levite. Apparently they were feeling those turbulent, distracting priorities. The storm of stress was near at hand. Did they hear or see the wounded man by the road?  Or did they just ignore him?

We seek or unity and community in art or relationships, but there is an element of positioning which makes it possible. A ride on a packed elevator will transport people but it will not really open the way to talk. “Sorry I stepped on your foot,” or “Stop poking your umbrella in my ribs.” That is about what you get.

Mats around pictures create a space which invites focus on the key elements within the painting or photograph.  The zooming process determines whether the space in the photo is small or panoramic.  Dancers and actors need space in which to make their expressions present in physical movement.

At Cherith Isaiah heard God speak in a still, small voice, but only after the louder and brighter conditions had passed.

In the silence of he night Samuel heard God calling his name.

Creation, which was spoken into existence by a Word, was then visited by the Word made flesh. His coming was quiet and humble. There was no space for Him in the inn.  There was no space for Him in the status quo then…….or now. The Parable of the Sower shows how the seed of the Word cannot be received if the spaces of our lives are not in shape. We have to pull weeds to make space within the gardens of our hearts. We turn down the noise and clear out the junk. In the silence we can hear Him express Hiss Incarnate Word. It is His Word, spoken across the ages which makes possible true  meaning. Other glittering priorities hold out false hopes. They beckon noisily with flashing lights and phony treasures. We must choose the silence if we wish to hear. It is that space which makes our transformation possible.







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