Where is sacred space?

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again,” according to Joseph Campbell. Stress and distractions weaken our energy. Worry troubles our souls. We need to be restored. We need to remember who we are…and Whose we are.

Sometime a sacred space is a physical space. A sight of the mountains can lift the soul above the details of life and change the perspective. The sheer beauty is healing, and it is a reminder of God. The Psalmist has said, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help…”Viewing the ocean can  have a similar effect.

The trees in my yard have been my spiritual companions, and I have parked by the same tree  over and over in order to pray before going in. A college friend would climb out the dorm room window and sit in a tree to type her papers. She turned out to be a pretty good writer. Gardens provide beauty, food. and a connection with the earth and its growing processes. Some medieval writers described our hearts as gardens which we must make ready for the coming of Jesus. Some weeds need to go. He is pleased when we bear fruit.

There are people who make focal places in their homes for prayer and meditation. Sacred books or objects, flowers, or a candle may be used.  A house itself can be a sacred space if it has been the scene of much love and good relationship. Obviously a house of worship is offered as a sacred space.

When eyes meet eyes with a loving gaze, a sacred space is there. These can be the eyes of family, friends, beloved pets, and other animals. I have loved the gaze of cats and dogs. Spaces which make art possible can be sacred. Beauty on a canvas can create a sacred space, as can the spaces which create rhythm in music and poetry. As art can speak to us of the artist, so creation speaks of our Creator.

That which is sacred speaks to us of love.




















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